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Dear Friend! Welcome to our site! Here you can find network tools and utils, articles that are completely accessible for free.
Enjoy with us, with best wishes - support team   

Member branch of My-Addr Project [News 2010-06-20]
We have create new branch . First of all it is our project center, there are links to all our branches here and a few widgets (current time, calendar, time per common timezones). Also we have add user profile functionality, all registered users have public profile and private profile. It's our next step for help our registed user's feel more comfortable here. Thanks a lot for all ideas and positive feedbacks from our users - it's very helping us.

PTR record lookup tool [News 2010-05-12]
According to suggestion of our users we have add some simple tool that called PTR record lookup, it's possible to find it in left menu "DNS and WHOIS tools". Thanks a lot for all ideas, we will continue to create new tools and upgrade all functionality.

Statistics of My-Addr Project [News 2010-02-12]
We decide to share some statictics of My-Addr Project. - branch was created. It contant chart statictics about browsers usage and commonly used operations systems, 2009-2010 time range is available. We hope that this data will help webmatsers and administators to make own projects better. I case if it will be useful - we will add screen resolution usage stats.

Tools for PDF files [News 2009-11-30]
According to feedbacks of our users, we create new PDF branch of My-Addr Project. New branch contain tools for PDF online converting to different formats. There are converters to: text, jpg, png, tiff, ps vectors, eps vectors. All tools are completely free, and working with multiple pages PDF files, number of pages process per request is limited. Tnx for ideas, it is very useful for us.

Some issue with email verify tool was fixed [News 2009-09-11]
Was fixed some bug with email verify tool and muli lines email server answers, bug was finded and logs was reported by "king.arthur.reg". Tnx for feedback, we glad to see that our customers helping to us to do this service better. :)

Images Branch from My-Addr Project [News 2009-08-24]
Created new branch of My-Addr Project - . It created for provide tools for images manipulation online like resize, convert, filtering, color picker. We hoping that it will be useful. There are several tools now - color picker, gif->jpg, gif->png, jpg->gif, bmp->jpg, bmp->gif, png->jpg, png->gif.
Tnx for using My-Addr's Project and kind feedbacks!

Generator Branch from My-Addr Project [News 2009-07-25]
Created new branch of My-Addr Project - . It created for help to generate data with different structure and nature. There are several tools now - generate random number,string,text,password,usernames and link code. Tnx for using My-Addr's Project, pls write ideas and suggestions to feedback :)

MD5 DataBase from My-Addr Project [News 2009-07-02]
We have the biggest online md5 database in Internet. It containt more than 3,600,000,000 unique md5 hash.
New branch of My-Addr Project contain tools for: make hash for string, generate md5 hash for file, generate random hashes and decrypt md5 hashes.

Fast links for our tools [News 2009-06-03]
According to suggestions of our users - short links for TRACE and PING tools was added.
Trace fast lisk , ping fast link .
Tnx for using My-Addr Project Tools and nice feedbacks :)

Services Branch of My-Addr Project [News 2009-05-11]
Created new branch of My-Addr Project - . Here you can find GeoIP API's: GeoIP Country API and GeoIP Country-City-Region API - it's real useful because there are no databases or software to install. Also you can find some articles and schemes about GeoIP API using.
What more API's ?! Pls told it to us with using feedback or forum.

User Agent Branch of My-Addr Project [News 2009-03-23]
Created new branch of My-Addr Project - Here you can find information about self user agent and custom user agent. Also present big library with user agents, and you can find use agents by some condition.
All suggestions can be written on feedback or forum. Good luck ))

User Agent Tools [News 2009-03-01]
What is my user agent,http user agent info,browser user agent, and many other info about our User Agent - My User Agent information tool, Fast link for this tool is
User agent lookup,user agent checker,user agent details,analysis string and many other info about custom inputed User Agent - Custom User Agent lookup tool

Forum [News 2009-02-26]
Today we add Forum. We hope that it help to find more answers to questions, or just help to spend time better in our community.
My Addr project it's not only tools and articles! =)))

Fast links for our tools [News 2009-01-30]
My IP,geo information,city country lookup,request proxy headers:
My IP lookup,geo info,country region isp,ip latitude longitude:
$_SERVER variables,proxy,request headers,all request variables:
Search Domain DNS MX records,email mx records check,mx record lookup:
Online nslookup tools,fecth NS records,dig domain ns,dig hostame ns:
Online free email verification,verify email address exist,check email:
Lookup DNS records of hostname,fetch dns records,free online nslookup:
Advanced free whois domain lookup tool,domain name whois,ip whois:
IP lookup,ip address lookup,lookup ip address,ip geo info,ISP,country by ip:

Biggest part of this tools supporting getting data from url, so you can do fast search like "../ip/", for more datails see instruction on page of tool.

The version you are using is not supported by ICQ, SOLUTION [News 2009-01-21]
Today millions of people get error message:
System Message
The version you are using is not supported by ICQ. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ's official website.

full article about how to fix icq error with SOLUTION

This project created for help internet users, it contain lots tools that will be useful for basic users and advanced users.
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