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What is my user agent,http user agent info,browser user agent

Here you can find what is my user agent,http user agent info and browser user agent information. It's showing you user agent data and user agent browser,header, browser branch, name, full name and many-many others. All data that you can see here fetched on server side (without JavaScript), so not any guarantee that some smarty jscript like Google Analytics can't know more info about your browser and system. Our PHP browser detection scripts are all tested on every browser we have access to, from IE 4.x-6.x, Galeon, K-Meleon, Lynx, Safari / Konqueror, and Mac IE browsers like IE 5.1 and 5.2. to Opera 4-9, Mozilla 0.9-1.8, Firebird 0.6/0.7, Firefox 0.8-3.5, Netscape 2-4, 6.2, 7.0.
HTTP USER AGENT - it's your user agent from request. Browser branch name - it's common name if browser (for example for all versions of Firefox 2 (2.0.102, 2.0.104) it will be Firefox 2.0 Browser full name - version on full browser name (example Mozilla/Firefox, looking like in http user agent info ProductSub - biggest part of cases it's date of browser update, in case of Linux and Firefox - can be like "20081216". Additonal Info section - information about supporting technologies by browser (cookie,iframe, and other).
This tool is very simple, giving lots user agent detail information, fast link: . User agent can be easy changed. For example unix web browser Konqueror having submenu "Web browsing -> Browser Identification" that contain setting for rewrite user agent for some fixed sites. There are lots of scripts that was written few years ago, that is why, somethimes, bot can be identified by some old user agent (example: IE5, IE4, FireFox 1.5 and lots of other). One more feature of user agent string - it's information about some soft that installed on operation system, beucase there are lots of soft that modify user-agent with some specific variables (like product version or compatibility information). Sites can also use non-standard code that does not work in the browser, or working with specific set of browsers (for example lots of sites about linux - working fine only on firefox).
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Common Info
HTTP USER AGENT headerCCBot/2.0 (
Browser branch nameCCBot
Browser nameCCBot
Browser version2.0
Operation System (version unknown)
Browser full nameCcbot 2.0

Additonal Info
browser_makerCommonCrawl Foundation