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trace IP,trace domain path,trace hostname,tracert,traceroute,points geo info,country city

On this page you can trace(find path from current host) to some domain or hostname or an IP address.
trace options: number of hops - 20, probe packets per hop - 1.
For each hostname/domain/ip in trace list showing country and city it's - destination points GEO info. This online traceroute utility the same as tracert (windows) or traceroute (linux). It's completely free ip trace that starting from current traceroute server.
If you interest in some destionation point (for example - you want to know geo location region) - you can get more info about it with using domain info or ip info tools.
This tools - a perfect way to find reason of speed decreasing or packages droping. Ping tools - showing that trouble exist on channel, but now showing where.
In my case i'm have problem with answer latency of some site, for debug problem i'm try ping tool,
and find that ping going fast, after it i'm trace channel of my internet connection and channel to host,
and find that it was lags of my provider (it was not issue of site and site hosting).
Notice: Some servers not support trace, thats it can be fail for some online servers (it's not issue of our service).
fast link or (

[] it's subdomain of []. Thats why [] can exist but [] not exist and [] can exist but [] - not.
According to our users suggestions, we add support of URL, now you can easy trace route URL.
Trace route with geo targeting can take up to 20 sec (as usualy it's 1-4 sec), your destination will be marked by red