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Locate email address for free,email server location,e-mail box server location

This is tool for locate email address for free. Any email address linked with some server/domain/hostname that is responsible for email box functionality: send, recieve, forward, etc... Location of this machine it's - email server location, e-mail box server location. We giving you full geo info about it (email box country, city, region,...) and computer domain name + IP. This tool created for help you to find where email server located, it can be useful because biggest part of non advanced users choosing localized email service, but there are lots of big email services that contain localization and very popupal in big amount of countries (example:gmail).
An Email mailbox is the email equivalent of a Letter box, it is where email messages are delivered. But your letter box is near your house, real location of email letter - it's server (host), and it must be on distance of thousand miles. An Email client retrieves messages from one or more mailboxes. The file or directory where the client stores the messages is called the local mailbox. The most popular message retrieving protocol is POP. Post Office Protocol (POP) is an application-layer Internet standard protocol used by local e-mail clients to retrieve e-mail from a remote email server.

Don't forget that email address location tool showing info about email box geographic location, it can be not linked with real "sender" geographic location.
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