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Online Ping tool for domain hostname url,ping ip,icmp ping

On this page you can online ping tool for remote domain or hostname, IP address. Domain/hostname/IP address ping going with 8 packages starting from current ping server, after end displaying info.
The ping program is based on Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP ping), part of the TCP/IP protocol. ICMP was designed to pass information about network performance between network devices and exchange error messages, including query/response mechanism. The operation of ping replies on two specific ICMP messages, ECHO_REQUEST and ECHO_REPLY, but it may response to ICMP messages other than ECHO_REPLY when appropriate. In theory, all TCP/IP-based network equipment should respond to an ECHO_REQUEST by returning the packet to the source, but it's working not in all cases.
Delay time do not display connection speed to this server, there is lots of ISP with hight ping and fast download/upload speed, and there are lots of ISP with low ping delay - but slow network. Example - 10 mbit network can have more fast ping then some 100mbit network.
Ping - it's one of the best way to check what's going in channel to server, for example when going lags - answer time is to long or not stable. In my case - was troubles with channel to some service, and when i'm execute this tool, i'm find that it's drops of packages. Notice: Some remote servers do not allow to ping they (due firewall settings), that is why ping of some online server (ping some remote ip address) can be fail (it's not issue of our service).
fast link or (

[] it's subdomain of []. Thats why [] can exist but [] not exist and [] can exist but [] - not.
According to our users suggestions, we add support of URL, now you can ping domain or ping host name by URL.