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IP address lookup tool,ip to domain and ip location lookup

On this page you can find IP address lookup tool, identify ip to domain and get ip location lookup. All this functionality working not only for your IP, you can input any custom ip address and start free ip address lookup. Ip geo database info data: country code, country name, region code and region name (geo location region), city, provider (organization,isp) and other geo information. As usual this process of ip lookup(getting information with using IP) take about 1-2 seconds.
You can get more info if you will click to domain (if domain is not a local name) in search result. You must understand that any internet server have only one address, but count of domains linked to it - not limited, and one server can have hundreds of hundreds of pointed domains, this tool will find only first domain from domains list.

CONTINENT CODE - abbreviation of IP address location continent in 2 chars (EU = Europe, NA = North America)
COUNTRY CODE - abbreviation of country name in 2 chars (CA = Canada, US = United States)
COUNTRY NAME - full country name (Canada,United States)
REGION CODE - it's region number in country, region contain city, lenght 2 chars (13,26)
REGION NAME - it's full name of region, lenght up to 60 chars (California)
CITY - IP's city full name, lenght up to 60 chars (Sunnyvale)
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